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    Guest Writing Editorial Policy

    We look for high-quality content that serves our audience of aspiring and passionate hobbyists.

    Typically, we look for hobby-related articles (card games, musical instruments, sports, board games, etc) that are at least 1,000 words in length and highly structured.

    They should offer valuable insight into the hobby- helping novice users get up to speed quickly while still offering intermediate-advanced hobbyists actionable information.

    It’s somewhat of a fine line.

    That said, we publish a lot of foundational information about hobbies. For example, if you check out our board game reviews, you can see that we publish the Rules of the game, which is pretty basic information.

    But we also include Strategy sections- demonstrating gameplay scenarios and higher-level considerations that help hobbyists reach the next level of accomplishment.

    Upcoming Blog Topics

    Below, here’s a list of upcoming topics we’re looking to create- it might be a good place to start if you’re looking to guest post on our site.

    • dominos
    • games
    • kayak
    • solitaire
    • pokemon
    • drive
    • music
    • car
    • cricket
    • sudoku
    • halloween
    • disney
    • lego
    • college football
    • celtics
    • football
    • tango
    • basketball
    • mahjong
    • tattoos
    • league of legends
    • history
    • debate
    • camping
    • drone
    • fantasy football
    • bodybuilding
    • christmas
    • model
    • soccer
    • fishing
    • chess
    • snake
    • drawing
    • piano
    • books
    • barber shop
    • tetris
    • bowling
    • alien
    • golf
    • yugioh
    • baseball
    • running
    • acting
    • motorcycle
    • boxing
    • renaissance
    • songs
    • radio
    • internet
    • thanksgiving
    • play music
    • aquarium
    • painting
    • guitar
    • rockets
    • go kart
    • toys
    • shopping
    • yoga
    • karaoke
    • gymnastics
    • crossword puzzles
    • house
    • uno
    • astrology
    • exercise
    • robots
    • skateboarding

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