At HobbyNerds, we specialize in researching hobbies and creating thorough tutorials to help people discover a new pastime.

These guides are intended to assist people to live more fulfilling lives. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone figure out a new passion.

Whether that’s helping an elderly individual learn a new card game to play with their grandchildren. Or helping a young married couple find the perfect party game to entertain their guests.

In the beginning, we’re really focusing on researching party games. But, as our site evolves, and we listen to our audience, we intend on broadening our focus. This means that we will cover a broad assortment of different hobbies in different niches.

For example, down the line, we anticipate writing about hobbies like learning musical instruments, playing outdoor sports, and even woodworking activities.

Our Inspiration

One of our founders, Ryan Nelson, has had a lot of success online. That means that he doesn’t need to work a 9-5 job. While an amazing accomplishment, it also means he has more time to fill in his day to day life.

A lot of people that work a 40 hour work week, their lives are jam-packed with commuting back and forth from work, doing their shifts in their cubicles, and even answering work emails on their down time.

This means that, in a lot of cases, they don’t have much time to pursue a hobby, or perhaps develop a new one.

In Ryan’s case, since he has a lot of free time, he’s actively researched hobbies, as a personal development exercise. And to fill his time with something engaging and personally fulfilling.

This website represents a public effort to research hobbies, discovering all their facets, helping him determine the best one for his life, while also helping others discover their own passions.

When Ryan first began searching for a hobby, he was overwhelmed by all of the different options. There were things like martial arts- but so many different disciplines! There was even the hobby of studying body language- another fascinating field. Already an accomplished pianist, he decided to begin studying Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defense, martial art.

But he’s always looking for a new, engaging hobby- which is really the genesis of this site.

You can contact him by emailing our site here.

Our Writers

Our authors come from varied backgrounds- many of them specialize in the hobby. But others merely do the internet research and write up the tutorials to help novices learn the basic skills required to begin the hobby.